"I have a fairly long drive to get to the studio, and trying to make it for a lesson after work was challenging. Taking the lesson online over Slack took the stressful weeknight drive away. The experience is just like an in-person lesson. It's great." ~ Dr. Keith Higginson, Leominster

Dr. Higginson is lead scientist at a paper company. He has been studying mandolin and mandola for more than a decade. Keith also plays in the Mandolin Group and Mandolin New England

Keith H.


"I just started taking mandolin lessons online using Slack and I have to say it's amazing that I can sit in my office (with my door shut so colleagues don't hear me) and take an hour long lesson in complete privacy! What's best about it is I can do this in any weather or whether I'm sick or whatever. It's really great. My colleagues are jealous." ~ Dr. Jaya Reddy, Sacramento, CA

Dr. Jaya Reddy is a Cardiologist at the University of Sacramento, in California. She has been studying the mandolin since 2017.

Jaya R.


"I was a little skeptical at first about online lessons but found that it was just like being there in person." ~ Nancy Kida, Monson

Nancy Kida is a retired EMT and Theoretical Physical Education Professor from Northfield/Mt Hermon. She has been studying the mandolin for seven years.

Nancy K.