Instrument Demonstrations & Introductions

In 2013, I bought a Breedlove mandolin. It wasn't the first time I had bought an instrument for myself, or a family member, but it was the first time that I had thought to create a video unboxing it and trying it out. Since then, I've created dozens of videos about each instrument as it comes through my studio. Below is a list of some of them. If you can think about an instrument you would like me to try out and discuss on video, please contact me.

Mandolins, Mandolas, Mandocellos, Octave Mandolins & Bouzoukis:

  1. The one that started it all: The Breedlove Crossover mandolin

  2. Palatino Student Violin Outfit V350 Part 1, Part 2

  3. Palatino Genoa Student Outfit

  4. Breedlove vs Eastman Mandolins

  5. The Whale mandocello

  6. The Bison mandocello

  7. The Bunting celtic mandolin

  8. The Hora mandola

  9. The Pup kids/traveling mandolin Part 1, Part 2

  10. Violin Bows

  11. The Fiddler's Bow

  12. The Bluegrass Cat F5 mandolin

  13. Savannah mandolin

  14. The Rogue mandolin

  15. Five String fiddle

  16. The Ranger travel mandolin

  17. Hora mandolin

  18. Richard Cartwright The Monster viola


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