Help Us During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Oct 28

Adam Sweet, Owner/Founder

Many businesses were forced to shut down or close indefinitely because of the virus. Most music studios such as ours have lost all or most of our income due to the fact that our students cannot come near us, nor can we provide concerts or workshops in person as we did before. Some of us have attempted to keep things going by being creative:

  1. moving lessons online via Slack/google meet

  2. providing public performances via YouTube Live or Zoom

  3. offering wedding services online via Zoom or Meet

But these brought up some great challenges. Many students didn't have reliable fast internet, choosing not to attend online classes due to technical issues. Audiences are not gravitating towards online concerts or performances as you would expect. Reaching out to people who would normally attend a concert in person has become excruciatingly difficult because people are not all in the same place as they were before. Some are using Facebook and other social media, some are relying on newspapers and television. Some people are devastated by politics and have shut down completely. Some people have lost their own income and can't afford lessons.

We know this and we're caught up in the challenges as well. The added expense of equipment and gear to ensure high speed internet connection requires better microphones and gear. So please help. However you can. All professional musicians are in the same boat.  We are all trying hard to recoup  our losses by teaching online, providing workshops or master classes using Facetime, YouTube Live or some other method.  Speaking personally, 80% of my annual income comes from weddings, St Paddy's Day events, concerts and other live performances in front of real audiences.  Since the coronavirus and social distancing has made this impossible, I am asking my friends family and fans to please, if you have a few extra bucks lying around, share it with me so that I can feed my family and pay the mortgage!  Hopefully this pandemic will be over soon and we can get back to normal life.

Thank you,

Adam Sweet

Sweet Music Studio

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