Covid and Me

More than 3/4 of my normal income has been destroyed by the coronavirus. Typically (pre-covid), I would have scheduled 15-20 weddings, concerts, parties and other events between April and October. All of them were cancelled due to the virus. My studio generally ranges between 10 and 15 students, three classes and two workshops a week. Due to the coronavirus, and the fact that video conference apps have a significant delay as well as the fact that some students prefer lessons in person instead of online, my studio is down to a handful of students, zero classes or workshops.

Mandolin New England, our nonprofit organization that puts on concerts in western Mass and Rhode Island, has not been able to rehearse or perform since the coronavirus. While we are tentatively planning to rehearse as soon as there is a vaccine that is available to everyone, we are still waiting to hear about that. We had tentatively planned a concert for this Summer 2021, but that is pending the vaccine.

Celticado is available for online wedding music, party music or birthday music via Zoom or Google Meet.

I am available for lessons online of course. I have a few slots open 3-5pm on Thursday and Friday, 6pm Monday and Friday. Please contact me to set it up.

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