Hi!  Adam Sweet here.  This page lists some of the products I have for sale.  For the most part, I stock the musical instruments (and accessories) that I teach with one exception: Ukuleles.

Prices are subject to change.  Contact me for the most recent price.  Prices do not include tax or shipping.  I will ship anywhere in the world using USPS, FedEx Ground or DHL Express, your choice.  Customer pays for shipping and insurance.  If you don't insure your purchase, you can't return it.  I accept returns as long as they are within 14 days of the purchase and returned in the original box and in original condition.  Payment is either PayPal or Cash (in person at my location in Granby).  Sorry, no personal checks or other forms of payment.  If you want to use your credit card, do it through PayPal.  That way we're both protected.

Horse Tail Hair for Bows:
Since 1999, I have been selling horse tail hair for bows.  In the 1990s, I used to buy it from a dresser in Canada.  Then that source dried up.  For a while I was buying Argentine hair from a supplier in England, but the prices kept going up every year, and I realized I needed to find another source.  Here's an article I posted about that trip to find a source of tail hair.
  • Triple drawn visually sorted 32" white unbleached 1.1lbs - $330
  • Triple drawn visually sorted 32" black 1.1lbs - $99
  • Triple drawn visually sorted 32" coarse 1.1lbs - $199
Student Instruments & Outfits:
I stock a selection of "student grade" instruments and outfits perfect for beginners or as a backup instrument for a traveling musician.

Violin Outfits
  • Full Size Student Violin by Palatino, with bow & case - $175
  • Full Size Student Violin by Celebrian, with bow & case - $129
  • Five (5) String Semi-Acoustic Violin (video) - $599
  • Sevinia Mahogany Guitar - $349
  • Maple Guitar - $329
  • Squier F5 Bluegrass Mandolin Outfit (case, strap, tuner, strings, books) - $129
  • Rocky Top F5 Bluegrass Mandolin Outfit - $99
Bows, Strings & Accessories
I stock the bows, strings and accessories that I have found to be the best over the years.  I'll list them here with prices.  If you want pictures or more information about each of them, feel free to contact me.  I'm always around!  NOTE: I also have cello and viola bows.  Please ask!

  • The Fiddler's Bow (video) - Carbon Fiber Bow for Fiddle Players - $199
  • A Good Wood Bow - Pernambuco, hand-carved, fully mounted German frog - $299
  • A Decent Wood Bow - Pernambuco, hand-carved, half-mounted Asian frog - $99
  • A Student Wood Bow - Dense wood, hand-carved, Asian frog - $2
  • Tartini - The best dark rosin there is, hands-down - made in Korea - $99
  • Melos - I sell all grades.  Please ask for pricing
  • RDM Fiddler's Green - small cake - $19
  • RDM White Box - small cake - $8
  • RDM Bagged Light - $12
  • RDM Bagged Dark - $16
Shoulder Rests
  • RDM Carved Rosewood, Padded - $59
  • RDM Padded Carbon Fiber - $35
  • Fender - $18
  • I carry the complete line of Curt Magnan strings for mandolin, bouzouki, mandola, banjo and guitar.  Please ask for pricing.
  • I carry the complete line of Optima German Hand-Polished strings for mandolin, mandola and mandocello.  Please ask for pricing.

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