Read and understand my policies BEFORE coming for your first lesson!  I'd like you to print this page, sign it, and bring it with you.
  • Private lessons are sixty (60) minutes per week FOR $75; 45 minutes per week for $65 and 30 minutes a week for $40.  I don't accept checks at this time. You may also send the amount to me via PayPal.*  I offer private lessons in person, online and at your place of business (or home for an additional $100)
  • Group classes are two hours (120 minutes).  You must be a private lesson student in good standing to attend any of the group classes. The fee is $20 per person, per class.  You may attend one of the group classes without taking lessons.  The Fee is $55 per person, per class.  The group is counting on your attendance.  If you have to miss a group class, please try to keep your absences to a minimum.  It is VERY DISRUPTIVE if you are constantly missing classes.  It's bad for the other players as well.  I work very hard at preparing for the groups and if you miss it, it's time I've wasted.
  • Remote attendance: All classes, including the group classes, may be attended remotely using Hangouts (Android) or Skype (iPhone/Android).  
  • Copies: I have a copier.  If I make a copy of something for you, copies are $.25 each.  That's a quarter a copy.  Ink is very expensive!
  • Books and sheet music that I ask you to get can be picked up online or at one of the area stores.  I recommend Downtown Sounds in Northampton and Fretted Instruments in Amherst.  They both know what books I require and stock them regularly.  Please get the book and bring it to your next lesson.  If you don't get it in time, then it delays my approach to teaching you, which costs you money.
  • You must keep your instrument well maintained.  That means changing your strings when they go bad (every 3-4 months), keeping it in a balanced humidity room (40-45%), etc.  If you're a fiddler, you should rehair your bow every 6 months.  It's your responsibility to maintain your instrument.  The condition of the instrument should never be the reason for missing a class.  I have instruments you can rent if yours is in the shop.
*There are no Refunds for Prepaid Classes: The Studio policy has always (30 years+) been that if you prepay for lessons, you may not receive a refund should you decide to cancel.

Indicate you've read these policies by printing and signing, dating here, then bring the policies page with you to your first lesson:

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