Group Classes

Classical Music Group
Adults learn to play a musical instrument faster in a social setting, which is why I encourage my students to participate in the groups.  Not only is it a lot of fun, but there is a motivational aspect related to sharing that humans crave, satisfied in a group setting.  These groups are the longest-running and most successful of the studio.  Started in 2009, the Celtic and Classical groups have had some of the same members for that whole time!

You should be a current student taking private lessons (60 minutes a week) to participate in one of the weekly group classes.  If you are not taking private lessons, let me know.  Check the Policies page for rates.  Some sessions (such as the Granby Irish Seisun, or Classical Music Sessions) are free.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum of 3 people in attendance at every group class.  With fewer than 3 people, I cannot maintain the class and it will close.
The following are classes that I have had in the past and are available again, but require a minimum of 3 people to regularly attend each week:
Mandolin New England rehearsals are once a month, usually the first Tuesday of the month, but it changes.  Once you register with us, we'll send you an invitation to join our community on Slack where you will receive announcements about MNE.  We will also use it for sheet music downloads and other related information.  You may use it for messages between the other members and Adam Sweet.  Register for MNE here.

Holidays Updates

We have the following slots open in the evening schedule: Wednesdays 6-7pm Fridays 5-6pm, 6-7pm There are still online slots open 9...