Fiddle Hill

Fiddle Hill is a duo that performs a mixture of genres, including New England Contradance Music, Klezmer, Celtic and sings Ballads and Songs from the Old Country and beyond.

Fiddle Hill was founded in 1995, when fiddler Adam Sweet and keyboardist Brian Bender formed the Northampton Contradance above Fitzwilly's third Sundays of the month with a grant from NEFFA.  Originally named "Sweet Blend", the duo eventually changed its name when third member, bassist Joe Blumenthal, became too busy to attend regular rehearsals.

Fiddle Hill has performed all over New England for private parties, contradances, weddings, ceilidhs and public concerts.

To hire Fiddle Hill, use the contact form on the sidebar.  Please be sure to include the date, time and location of your special event.


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