Beginner Group

Adult Beginners Music Group - Mondays 7-9pm

This group is a lot of fun!  If you've always wanted to play mandolin or fiddle in a group, but were too afraid to try, now's your chance.  The group will learn some simple melodies and songs and will learn how to play together.

Because we play from sheet music out of books or downloaded off the internet, students should be able to sight-read music, and know the basics of music theory including counting various meters, playing chords and harmonizing.  If you would like to learn more about these subjects, register for private lessons.

If you would like to join the Adult Beginners Group, please contact us!  The cost is $20 per class and there is no enrollment fee.

Friday Slots

Ben Levy's hands I have the following slots open on Fridays: 5-6pm 6-7pm -- Taken (fiddle lesson) 7-8pm If you would like ...