Mandolin New England

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Upcoming Events: 

Sunday Potluck. This is the first day back from our 3 year hiatus, so we're celebrating with some delicious food and byob.  Bring your mandolin too and we'll revisit some of the old favorites.  

Sunday Rehearsals.  Starting on Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 11am.  Rehearsals will go until approximately 1pm.  Lunch will be served.  RSVP HERE

We have the following concerts tentatively planned for the Fall and Winter season 2023-2024:

🎶 Welcome to Mandolin New England, Inc. 🎵

Step into the world of mandolin music where harmony, artistry, and community come together. Mandolin New England, Inc. is a vibrant 501c3 nonprofit music organization that celebrates the captivating beauty of mandolin music right here in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Through enchanting concerts, enriching group classes, and enlightening lectures, we're here to inspire, educate, and connect mandolin enthusiasts of all levels, creating a harmonious community of musicians.

About Mandolin New England, Inc.:

At Mandolin New England, we believe in the transformative power of music to bridge gaps, stir emotions, and enrich lives. Our mission revolves around preserving and advancing the tradition of mandolin music while exploring new dimensions and pushing the boundaries of this delightful instrument. Whether you're a seasoned mandolin player, a budding musician, or someone who simply delights in beautiful melodies, we extend an invitation to join us on this captivating musical journey.

Concerts, Group Classes, and Lectures:

Our array of captivating concerts features renowned mandolinists and ensembles from around the globe. These thoughtfully curated performances span the spectrum of mandolin music, embracing traditional folk tunes, classical masterpieces, and contemporary compositions. Let our talented artists sweep you into the mesmerizing sounds of this versatile instrument, offering a musical adventure that's both memorable and magical.

In addition to our captivating concerts, we're proud to offer group classes and lectures aimed at refining your mandolin playing skills and enriching your knowledge of the instrument's history. Guided by experienced instructors who infuse each session with passion and expertise, these classes create an environment of support and inspiration. Whether you're a novice eager to start or an accomplished player seeking new techniques, our classes cater to all levels of proficiency.

Join Our Melodic Community:

We extend a warm invitation for you to become an integral part of Mandolin New England, Inc. Our weekly rehearsals, held every Monday at 7pm in Granby, provide a haven for mandolin enthusiasts to unite, share their love for the instrument, and create harmonies that resonate with the soul. Whether you're an adept player or taking your first steps, our rehearsals offer a space to learn, collaborate, and connect.

Support Our Harmonious Mission:

As a nonprofit organization, Mandolin New England relies on the kindness of individuals like you to continue our mission. If you're unable to join our rehearsals or classes, there are alternative ways you can contribute. Consider making a tax-deductible cash donation to support our concerts, educational programs, and community outreach endeavors. Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a significant role in sustaining and expanding our musical ventures.

Furthermore, if you have a dormant mandolin, mandola, mandocello, or mandobass, we'd be thrilled to accept it as a donation. By giving new life to your cherished instrument, you're also providing aspiring musicians with the opportunity to learn and flourish. To arrange a donation, simply email us at

Contact Us:

For inquiries, collaborations, or expressing your interest in joining Mandolin New England, Inc., please contact us. Your feedback, ideas, and passion are deeply valued, and we eagerly anticipate connecting with you.

Thank you for being a part of Mandolin New England, Inc. Together, let's celebrate the splendor of mandolin music and cultivate a vibrant community of fervent musicians. 🎶🪕 

1.  Porter Phelps Museum in Hadley
2.  Center Church in South Hadley
3.  Town Hall in South Hadley
4.  Arts & Music in Greenfield