NEW Online Lesson/Group Class Rates, Communication, Platforms and Misc

Adam Sweet
As you know, all lessons and group classes are now online.  I use for 1/1 lessons and all communications with students.  I teach mandolin, violin/fiddle, viola, mandocello, mandola, guitar, electric bass, octave mandolin, Irish bouzouki and Irish banjo.  I specialize in classical/chamber music from the Renaissance period up til the Classical period, Celtic, Bluegrass, Klezmer and Folk genres.  All payments and donations are accepted through Venmo.  Please consider becoming a Patron, and sponsoring the work I do through Patreon!
  • 30 minute weekly lessons - 1/1 private lesson with me on your instrument of choice, unlimited weekly Q&A and option to participate in online group classes: $40/ea
  • 60 minute weekly lessons - 1/1 private lesson with me on your instrument, unlimited Q&A during the week and option to participate in online groups offered: $75/ea
  • 15 minute "tune up" - any time we both have time, scheduled in advance.   This is an opportunity to check in online and go over something specific related to weekly practice, gear questions/tutorials, software questions/tutorials, etc.: $20
  • 60 minute weekly group class - $10/ea, minimum 3 people per group
  • Weekly Workshops - Free/Donations Accepted
  • Master Classes - TBA
  • "Live" Performances - TBA
an early mandolin class performance!
If you are a current student, but are not using Slack, please contact me right away to get your invitation!  For those of you who don't know what Slack is, it's kind of like Facebook Messenger on's a robust communication platform that allows for phone and video communications, text, messaging, all kinds of media sharing, discussion and social networking within our community.  The #general channel is for communications with the whole studio.  Each member has an individual channel which is private and end-to-end encrypted, so it cannot be "hacked".  The other community channels are
  • beginnermandolin - this is the channel for people who are participating in the Monday night workshop for mandolin beginners, YouTube LIVE at 7pm.  Look to this channel and the Sweet Music Studio Facebook group for invitation URLs.  Free to join, donations accepted
  • introtofiddle - this is the channel for people who are participating in the Tuesday night workshop for fiddlers, YouTube LIVE at 7pm.  Look to this channel and the Sweet Music Studio Facebook group for invitation URLs and other information.  Free to join, donations accepted.
  • klezmer - this is the channel for discussions relating to Klezmer music, a potential group and master classes offered by professionals.  Free to join.  Master classes will have a fee TBA.
  • testing - this is the channel for members who are helping me test various platforms and networks to find the optimum equipment and software for online meetings, classes and groups.  feel free to join if you are interested in gear and computers
  • celticgroup - this is invitation only for our weekly Thursday at 7pm Celtic Group Class.  You should be a weekly student in good standing to participate.  There is a $10/person/week fee to participate
  • mandolingroup - this is invitation only for our weekly Wednesday at 7pm Classical Mandolin Group Class.  There is a $10/person/week fee to participate.  This class is the core of Mandolin New England, our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that forms a couple times a year for concerts in western Mass., and Providence, RI.  Obviously due  to COVID19, there won't be any concerts any time soon, but we are working on online performance/concert options.  Stay "tuned"!
Mandolin New England @ Hawks & Reed, Greenfield MA
For group classes, meetings of more than 2 people, I use Google Meet.  If you are familiar with Zoom, then you will find Meet easy to set up and use.  You don't need a Google account to use it.  I will share the URL with the appropriate channel prior to the group time.  All you have to do is click the URL in the channel, wait for the Meet platform to load in your browser, and then click the JOIN button.  Make sure your gear is optimized: microphone, webcam, computer, etc.  Ask if you have questions.  We use Google meet for the Classical Mandolin Group (Wed at 7pm) and the Celtic Group (Thu at 7pm).

Jim Bunting (Irish bouzouki), Claudine Langille (Irish banjo), Adam Sweet (Irish fiddle)
For workshops, masterclasses and other "live" performances, I use YouTube LIVE.  You don't need a YouTube account to watch the events, but if you want to chat with me during the workshop, ask questions, you will need a YouTube channel.  Don't worry, they are free.  Ask me how to set it up.  Soon I will be announcing a master class series featuring professional musicians from all over the world.  Watch this website for links and other information!  Workshops are free, donations accepted. Masterclasses with professional musicians will be fee-based as will live performances.