All Lessons and Group Classes haved moved online

Online Lessons through Slack and YouTube Live
Due to Governor Baker's closing of all schools and events as well as the possibility of tracking COVID19 into the studio, I have closed until further notice.

Private lessons 
are still available online through Slack.  If you are scheduled for a private lesson here at the studio in Granby, I will expect you online at the same time.  Simply log in (on your desktop/laptop) and I will contact you through Slack at the pre-determined time.  If I'm a little late it's because I'm finishing up with the previous student.  I will be there!

You may now pay me through Venmo at no additional charge.  The PayPal fee is 4.5%, but because Venmo goes directly to my bank, there is no fee.  The way it works is, download the app to your phone (available on Android and iPhone).  Once you have it set  up, simply click the little icon in the lower right to pay, enter my name (Adam Sweet - if I'm not there, it means I'm not set up in your contacts list, which you will have to do ahead of time), enter the amount, a description, and click send.  That's it.  Let me know if you're having difficulty, and I'll walk you through it next time I see you online!

Group Classes are still available online.   If you are scheduled for a group class, Klezmer on Tuesdays, Classical Mandolin on Wednesdays and Celtic Music on Thursdays, I will expect you to log into the Live class. I will post the link to the Live classes in the appropriate Slack channel, not on my website as I previously stated. 

These classes are now open to the public, so if you haven't registered for a group class, but would like to participate, please do so now by sending me your information through the contact us form on the sidebar, or by emailing  

The cost of the group class FREE for the duration of the coronavirus, and may continue to be free after that.  I am asking that if you an afford it, you  make a donation either through my Patreon page (link on the sidebar), or  Any amount is fine.  I suggest $10 but the amount is up to you.