Join Celtic Calamity! (Thursday night Celtic Music Group Class) 7-9pm

Scottish Country Dance
Every three months the group learns a new "set" of traditional Celtic music.  At the end of that time, the group performs the set in front of a live audience.  The latest concert was held at Mill 180 Park on Thursday, December 19th.  The group played and sang traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Cape Breton and New England.  It was a lot of fun and well attended.

The next project will be very interesting.  One of our members, Karen P., is a Scottish Dance instructor in Connecticut.  She is enthusiastically participating in a program to teach us five traditional Scottish dances and the group will learn the tunes to play for each dance.  At the end of the semester, the group will perform the dances for the Northampton Scottish Dance at the end of March. 

In addition, the group will be learning traditional Irish tunes for a St Patrick's Day celebration on March 19th.


The group class meets Thursday evenings from 7-9pm.  We have plenty of openings and will accept all types of musicians, singers and dancers!  Learn more about the class here!

If you can't attend the class in person, you can participate remotely using our Slack platform.  Please ask how to set that up.