I have been creating simple podcasts for about a year now.  If you'd like to listen to them, here's a link.  Today, I'm moving in a new direction and am setting up to invite guests.  As I'm learning with YouTube videos, people like product reviews more than tunes.  They prefer lessons over recordings, and they prefer interviews with interesting people most of all.  My plan is to set up podcasts and invite various musicians to be on the podcast. 

As you can see from the picture, I have a small set up.  I'm using two SM54 microphones connected to a Europort EPA150.  For software, I am using Audacity on a Windows 10 laptop.  This is a very simple, yet affordable, solution for a small studio like mine. 

I have friends who have much more complex (and expensive) systems.  For example my friend Brian Bender set up a $100k studio in his garage with all the bells and whistles.  I want to keep it low key until I figure out the kind of podcast people like.  

Suggestions are welcome!