Looking for teachers that have online studios.

The Sweet music studio is hiring teachers that have online music studios. If you do not have a studio, but you have experience teaching online, we would like to hear from you also.

Musical instruments that we are looking for include woodwinds, brass, banjo, percussion, and voice.  

Although we use slack with all of our teaching experiences, whatever software you have the most experience with is fine with us. Whatever works is the best way.

The way it works, is much like other online services that cater to musicians, except we will handle all of the marketing and promotions related to you and your studio, all you do is pay a small monthly fee. You will be listed on the website, with links to your calendar and a registration page where students can learn more about you and sign up for a trial lesson.

You set your own prices and you pay our fee via PayPal.

To learn more and register your studio contact us.