I buy and sell mandolins & fiddles

A-style Travel Mandolin
In addition to offering private and group music lessons, I buy and sell mandolins & fiddles, accessories and other music-related gear.  I also rehair violin/viola/cello/bass bows and perform setups on mandolin-related and violin-related instruments.  Please ask.

If you have an old violin or mandolin kicking around and you’d like to get rid of it, send me pictures (and video so I can hear what it sounds like). 

If it’s something I think I can use, I’ll make an offer.  I might ask you to bring it in to my studio in Granby, MA. 

If you’re not local, I will definitely need closeup pictures, pics of any damage or wear & tear, and a video of someone playing it.

Send pics and video to info@sweetmusicstudio.net

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