Openings, Updates and Group Information

Learning to play mandolin
If you have not yet signed up for an evening slot, I have the following still open:
  • Wednesday 6-7
  • Wednesday 8-9
  • Friday 5-6
  • Friday 7-8
I will NOT be teaching mornings UNTIL SEPTEMBER.  If you previously had a morning class you must either choose one of the Friday slots, or wait until September to start up again.

Some Information about Group Classes:
  • You should be taking private lessons to participate in the groups.  There is limited space, and I run the groups specifically so that my current/existing students can learn in a social environment.  If you are not a current student, there may be an additional fee.  Please ask!
  • The group classes are available only to adults and mature teenagers.
  • Private Lessons are $75 per 60 minutes.
  • Group rates are $20 per person if you are taking private lessons.  If you attend two or more groups each week, the rate is $15 per person.