Friday Slots

Ben Levy's hands
I have the following slots open on Fridays:

  • 5-6pm
  • 6-7pm -- Taken (fiddle lesson)
  • 7-8pm

If you would like one of the slots, please let me know asap!

It's too hot to be outside! Why don't you cool down at the Sweet Music Studio with a Celtic Music Group Class?

Celtic Music Group Class - Thursdays 7-9pm

The Bodhran (rhymes with moron)
This group is a lot of fun!  Open to any musical instrument and voice, the group is studying traditional Dance music of Ireland, Scotland, England, Cape Breton, Canada and New England!  

Because we play from sheet music out of books or downloaded off the internet, students should be able to sight-read music, and know the basics of music theory including counting various meters, playing chords and harmonizing.  If you would like to learn more about these subjects, register for private lessons.

The class meets Thursdays from 7-9pm in Granby, MA.  The group decides what folk music it wants to learn, votes on the new material, and works on approximately 10-15 new tunes/melodies per semester.  A semester is approximately 3 months.  Any folk or roots music genre is acceptable.  Some of the tunes we have been working on can be found in the Fiddler's Fakebook by Dan Brody, the Portland Collection by Susan Songer, and the Waltz Books.  

Once the group is comfortable with the "new" set, arrangements are made to put on a free concert at any local venue that allows free use.  Venues included are The Holyoke Rehab Center (on Rte 141), The Hobbit House (inside Mill 180 Park in Easthampton), The Loomis Villiage (South Hadley), The Arbors (Amherst), The Soldier's Home (Holyoke), The South Hadley Library and the Granby Library.  

Group classes are two hours (120 minutes).  You must be a private lesson student in good standing to attend any of the group classes. The fee is $20 per person, per class.  You may attend one of the group classes without taking lessons.  The Fee is $55 per person, per class.  

My Vacation & Projects

I've had a wonderful vacation, the first real one since Richard was 4 (he's 9 now).  With all this free time, I've had time to take some wonderful hikes on the 7 Sisters (Hadley), Mt Toby in Sunderland, Gap Mountain, Mt Monadnock and Pinkham Notch in NH, and a short camping trip to the Green Mountains in Vermont.

Seven Sisters - Hadley, MA
For projects, I built a trellis system and planted 13 apple trees, expanded my garden, moved my chicken coop and built a chicken range to keep out predators (long story - but so far, 15 chickens have been consumed by local animals just in the 1st year of living in Granby!)

Shed (left), Apple Trellis (back right), garden (front right)
 Original garden space (left front), expanded space behind,
new location of chicken coop under tree
But what I'm most proud of is the work I've been doing on my YouTube Channel.  I've been working on building playlists, which will make it easier for students to find specific tunes I've recorded or listen to a range of styles.  Here's the complete list of playlists I also created a Facebook Group specifically for Celtic Mandolin, where I've been posting some of the videos I like.

I'm looking forward to the Sweet Mandolin Ensemble concert at Porter Phelps in Hadley on 7/28/19 at 2:30pm (please come, it's free), and the Celtic Calamity concert there on 8/24/19 "A Perfect Spot of Tea".  Visit my Facebook Page for events and other information.

I reopened my studio on July 9th, and am happy to be back!  As a reminder, morning hours are still closed, but will reopen in September.  I still have slots available on Fridays at 5 and at 7 (6pm is taken).  Please let me know what works for you.

Please note the policy updates here.  I'm now offering a 10% Senior Discount for students over 65!

Some new material on my YouTube channel

Bluegrass Cat by Mando Mo
I have posted some new material on my YouTube channel, sorted by Playlist!  Now you can go directly to the category you are specifically interested in, without having to sort through a bunch of videos of no interest.  Click on the links below:

Firstly are some Free Lessons on mostly mandolin, fiddle as well.

Celtic Music:
Introductions, Product Reviews and Mando Mo Stuff:

Lessons and Group Classes Resume 7/9/19

Learning to play mandolin
As previously stated, I will be returning to the studio on Tuesday, July 9 2019.  If you have not yet signed up for an evening slot, I have the following still open:
  • Friday 5-6
  • Friday 6-7
  • Friday 7-8
I will NOT be teaching mornings UNTIL SEPTEMBER.  If you previously had a morning class you must either choose one of the Friday slots, or wait until September to start up again.

Some Changes To Rates:
  • Admittance to one of the group classes is limited ONLY to students who are taking private lessons.  If you are not taking private lessons, but want to attend one of the group classes, you must pay a fee of $55 per person per classSenior citizen discounts apply!  Please contact me to find out more.
  • Please note that private lesson rates will go up to $75 per hour as of July 9th.  I have not had a rate increase since my son Richard was born, almost 10 years ago.  Other teachers who offer what I do in Boston and New York are charging $120 an hour or more.  
  • I am now offering a Senior Citizen discount of 10%!  I have never offered this before, so we'll see how it goes.
  • Group rates are now $20 per person if you are taking private lessons.  If you attend two or more groups each week, the rate is $15 per person.

Please make a note of these changes and let me know if you have a problem with anything.

See you next week!

Adam Sweet

Friday Slots

Ben Levy's hands I have the following slots open on Fridays: 5-6pm 6-7pm -- Taken (fiddle lesson) 7-8pm If you would like ...