My Take On Hampshire College's Financial Problems

I attended Hampshire from the fall of 1980 and graduated in January 1985 with a BA.  I studied mainly music, ethnomusicology, theory and composition.  My 6 exams were music-related, my final "Div III" was on the subject of Music Therapy. 

I appreciate Jon Krakauer's take on the situation at Hampshire.  (NYT Opinion 1/31/19)

I feel that the current president's position is short-sighted.  There is money to be found not only in alumni and matriculating students but in state and Federal grants that I feel have not been considered.  She's only been at this a few months and she has no experience in development.  She's made knee-jerk decisions without discussing it with the Hampshire Community.  Oh, there has been a flurry of such attempts these last few days, but these conversations and meetings should have started when President Lash was still at Hampshire.  How unfortunate. 

I have mixed feelings.  My time at Hampshire was interesting and I was allowed to pursue the topics that interested me most, that led to a career in music that, while not generating much in the way of income, allowed me to travel the world playing and exploring music, and most importantly, to offer a creative music studio for students of all backgrounds.  I'm confident I wouldn't know how to put that together without my experience at Hampshire doing just that.  It would be a shame for future creative students like myself to miss out on this opportunity.

Adam Sweet 80F