2019 Spring Concerts and Upcoming Events

I have three active ensembles to offer venues.  Celticado is a traditional Irish duo that provides Celtic ceilidh music for weddings, parties and St Patrick's Day events.  The Mandolin Ensemble plays classical compositions for formal concerts, master classes and fund raising events.  The Contradance band Fiddle Hill plays for spring dances throughout the region.  Here's what's coming up soon:
  • My Irish duo, Celticado, will be performing for various St Patrick's Day and other Irish events in March.  Look for us mainly in CT and western MA.  I will post the locations soon.
  • Fiddle Hill, the Contradance band, will be performing for dances in April and May.
  • As always, the Mandolin New England has a new Mozart and a new Bach to perform for audiences in June and July.