Why I use Slack for my Studio

Typically used in the business sector for collaboration and easy communication, Slack is a messaging app that teachers are using now to communicate with each other and with their students. Teachers can send out reminders and students can use the app for group projects. I use the app to hold digital “office hours”.

I like it because you can install it on your preferred smartphone.  There is an iPhone version and an Android version.
  • Download the Android version here
  • Download the iPhone version here
There is also a desktop version which you can download to run as an independent app.  I have it, but prefer to use the website version, which runs great in Chrome, my preferred browser, as well as Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.  All you need to do is go to http://sweetmusic.slack.com to access my studio page and create a new profile.  If you've given me your email, you should have received a link to join by now.  Log in using your the email address you gave me, and set up your profile page.  You can upload an image or use the default image and fill out the other basic information.


I've created "channels" for each of the groups (Celtic, Classical, Beginners', Bluegrass, etc).  Once you've attended (and committed to attending) any of the group classes, you will be invited to that channel.  Channels are where sheet music is shared, set lists, youtube videos, sound files and all of the related topics for discussion.  You can use the app as you would texting or messaging on Facebook.

If you'd like to know more about how to use Slack, let's talk about it in your next lesson!

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