Brekke Bridges

Mandomo Strings is the East Coast Distributor of Bridger Products' Brekke Bridges

The Original Brekke Bridge
The "Original Brekke Bridge" U.S. Pat. No.  6,031,165, shown above, was licensed to Sound To Earth, Weber Mandolins.  With the sale of Sound To Earth to Two Old Hippies, the bridge design returned and is sold through Mandomo Strings in Holyoke, MA.   The original bridge has updated with several new changes and improvements.  It is also available with either an ebony or a maple base.

You can adjust string action under full tension which in itself is a great innovation. No more loosening the strings lowering the adjustable bridge and then tightening only to find out the strings buzz. I was able to set my action to pinpoint accuracy. I was able to set that Flatiron up to play like butter.

"I have used a a traditional Brekke on my custom Bitteroot and I swear by it. I like it so much, I asked Don Paine to put one on my Pomeroy two-point.  I get a powerful chop with my mandolin, more so than any mandolin I've played. I like to think the traditional Brekke has facilitated my chop. I also love the muscular look. Here's a picture of it on my Bitteroot. Notice the high action I used to have. I have it significantly lower now." ~ Kevin Briggs

"I was curious as well about the Brekke, having some reservations about what brass in the saddle might do to the tone, but I can say without hesitation that I sense nothing negative about it. I like the concept and the problems- short and long term- that it addresses." ~ Don Paine

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