I rehair bows!

Bow Rehairing
I use the finest quality unbleached white "stallion" Siberian horse tail hair that has been triple drawn and visually sorted.

Here's how it works:

1.  pack your bow in a bow box and then use a shipping tube from FedEx or USPS to box it up safely.

2.  text me at 1-413-561-2275 that your bow is on its way and PayPal.me/sweetmusic the amount ($99)  Make sure you list your shipping address and cell# in the PayPal comments box so I know where to return the bow.  Make sure you include the return shipping amount and method ($15 for USPS, $55 for FedEx)

3.  choose the type of hair you want on your bow (white, mixed, black), and the thickness of the hair (180 hairs is the normal amount for a violin bow, not too thick).

4.  give me 48 hours to rehair your bow.  Returning it to you depends on the service you pay for.  USPS is the cheapest and slowest, FedEx is the most expensive and most reliable.

5.  profit!