Mando Mo Strings
Mando Mo Strings is a company in Holyoke, MA that has developed a line of affordable musical instruments made with top quality materials and workmanship.  These instruments are on par or better than similar brands including carved top Mandolins by Eastman, flat top Mandolins by Big Muddy and Ukeleles by Mahalo.  Decisions were made to prioritize air-dried tone-wood (instead of the standard Chinese practice of using a kiln to dry the wood), solid or flamed maple, Triple A grade ebony or rosewood fittings, scalloped solid tailpieces, Brekke or MMS's patented solid ebony/bone bridges, adjustable truss rods, a variety of neck widths.  The instruments are designed in Holyoke, Massachusetts, constructed in China, and finished/set up in the US.

Al Bieulunis, the owner of Mando Mo Strings, doesn't have a place where people can come see the instruments as they are in his house and he's not set up to receive people properly.  To that end, as a favor to Al, you can set up a time with me to come see and play the instruments at my studio in Granby.  The best times are mornings M-F after 9am.  Please use the form on the sidebar to contact me and give me a few options so I can check my schedule.

I will also play the instruments for you online if you like.  Let me know if that works for you!