Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Noguchi Minoru Mandolins

Minoru Noguchi is a luthier of hand carved classical bowl-back mandolins from Japan.

Minoru Noguchi (1947- ) began his career of making mandolins in 1962, on Izu-Ohshima Island, and three years later he established his own workshop and began producing "Noguchi" mandolins. And also he inherited "Ohno" mandolin from Masahiro Ohno in 1990.

After moving to Itoh-city in 1996, he founded the present workshop "Liuteria Noguchi."

He has been building both "Noguchi"and "Ohno" brands mandolins of a very high quality. His long experience of making handmade mandolins makes them sound amazing and sweet. These really are great mandolins with a big heart and a wonderful tone.

Mr.Noguchi Minoru has been involved in mandolin works for more than 50 years.  His instruments have been evaluated by a number of mandolin players from their excellent sound quality. Each one features a smooth, sweet balanced sound. For advanced players, Noguchi T-model, and Ohno-models are highly recommended. They are finished with shellac (French polish). The Ohno-model has produced as a reference to Vinaccia mandolin, Italian famed instruments.

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