Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Introducing The Mandocello

Today I want to tell you a little about mandocello.  The Mandocello is an instrument that is tuned exactly like the violincello.  I teach mandocello at Sweet Music Studio and I'm always looking for people that want to learn how to play.

It's an unusual instrument, it has 8 strings just like a mandolin, and tuned a 5th lower (low C, high A just like a mandola), and an octave lower than a mandola.

This instrument requires really big hands or long fingers because the distance between the frets is quite large, but unlike the guitar, which also has big gaps between the frets, the instrument is tuned in 5ths more like a mandolin.  So if you already play the mandolin or mandola, learning how to play the mandocello is not a big stretch.

A lot of sheet music for the mandocello has been converted to the alto or treble clefs, so if you already play the mandola or mandolin and read either (or both) of those clefs, you can play mandocello music.

Just about any style of music can be played on the mandocello: fiddle music, jazz music, bluegrass, folk music of any kind.

Learn more about the mandocello here:

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