Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mandolin For Beginner's Class - Wednesdays 7-9pm

The Mandolin for Beginners class meets Wednesdays from 7-9pm

If you're just getting started on mandolin, or you've been away for a while and would like to brush up on your skills, this group is for you!  

It meets Wednesdays from 7-9pm.  The group is working on scales, arpeggios, chords, simple melodies and learning to sing and play together.  It's a lot of fun and available for ages 18+.  

If you would like to register for the group, call: 413-561-2275 or visit our website
  • When: Wednesdays 7pm
  • Who: Ages 18+
  • ​Cost: $15/per person

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