Monday, February 15, 2016

The New Sweet Music Community on Google+

This is a community of musicians and people that want to learn about a specific musical style (we specialize in Bluegrass, Celtic and Klezmer), or learn a stringed instrument (we specialize in violin/fiddle, mandolin, mandola - also teach guitar, banjo and cello). 

For several years, I've maintained a website but it doesn't make sense to do that any more as the way people search for music teachers has changed. Utilizing a page and a community on Google+ makes a lot more sense, as it's dynamic, engaging, and a platform where I can share information and stories in real time, instead of in a static, two-dimensional manner. 

I'll be using this community to post information about upcoming concerts and recitals, new books, strings, accessories and other things I have going. I'd like students to feel free to share anything or use this community to ask questions. 

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