Mandolin News

As Mandolin New England comes to life (our inaugural concert was 1/17/15 at the South Hadley Town Hall, another one on the way next week at the Arts Block in Greenfield), Sweet Music is slowly but surely becoming recognized as THE SOURCE for mandolins and mandolin-related events in western Mass.
  • People looking for The Mandolin Orchestra of South Hadley will find student-run events and concerts through the Sweet Music website, or through the Mandolin New England website.
  • If there are mandolin players in western Mass. that would like to play in a group setting, they should contact Sweet Music to find out if they are eligible by calling 413-248-7668 or using the contact form on the website.
  • If mandolin players would like to find out if they are eligible to join Mandolin New England, they should also contact Sweet Music, or Josh Bell at
  • For now, if you are not a student at Sweet Music, but you have performed in Mandolin Orchestra concerts in the past, please contact Sweet Music as soon as possible to find out if you are eligible for Mandolin New England and other events.

Thank you!

Friday Slots

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