Sunday, December 15, 2013

NEFFA Thinks Paying Callers Is Not A Good Idea

Beth Parkes · Friends with Larry Unger and 1 other said this on my Facebook page earlier:

As a NEFFA board member, I would like to comment on Adam’s comments about the grant request that was not funded. In the lengthy letter explaining why the grant was not funded, it was explained that the committee felt that the financial design of the proposal was not economically feasible. His proposal included a hefty payment to callers and a relatively low admission. The design had a high break-even point. While the committee did question whether he could pull enough dancers from the well-served areas of Greenfield, “too many dances in the area” was not the primary reason for the grant not being funded.

And this is what I had said:  

"I tried to start up a contradance here in South Hadley at the town hall with a grant from NEFFA and the CDSC, but they all said there are too many dances already in western MA and they don't think there should be another one!  I was shocked actually, especially considering that I already have a couple dozen people that want to do it.  And callers such as David and Ralph who have committed to calling the dances!"

NEFFA is the New England Folk Festival Association

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