Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Protect Your Instruments At Music Festivals, While Camping, or Traveling

How To Protect Your Instruments At Music Festivals, While Camping, or Traveling
by Adam R Sweet

The Summer is a wonderful time for music!  What with music festivals, outdoor concerts and events, plus vacationing with the family and camping with the kids, there's always the opportunity to get out the mandolin, fiddle or guitar and pick a few tunes, sing some songs.

So how do you protect your instrument from the inevitable weather/sun/movement damage?

It's not easy!  But here are some tips:
  1. Find a shady spot in the tent/car/camper - seems simple enough, but the darker the better.  
  2. Keep the instrument or case wrapped in a space blanket - you can get them from any good camping store, or on
  3. If backpacking or camping with your instrument, make sure you keep it in its case, then cover that in a space blanket and/or poncho.  Most cases are almost air-tight these days.  If yours is not, you might want to upgrade to one that is.  It will keep moisture out and protect the instrument from extreme heat and humidity.
  4. When traveling, make sure your case is down on the floor behind your seat, not on the seat and NEVER in the space behind the window!  That area is the hottest in the car, a sure way of killing your instrument!  The reason for keeping it on the floor is so that it doesn't fall off the seat if you have to stop quickly.  Immobilize it by packing other items around it, or by putting pillows or blankets around it.
Have fun, be safe and don't forget to bring your instrument with you!

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