Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Mandolin Group Class (aka The Mandolin Project)

I teach a mandolin group class.  It meets Monday nights from 7-8:30pm.  We are working on

  1. The Bach Brandenburg #3
  2. Red River Valley (in Bflat)
  3. Dark Hallow (in D)
  4. Tantz, Tantz Yidelekh 
  5. Shalom Aleichem
  6. Simple Gifts
  7. Tombigbee Waltz
  8. Planxty Irwin
Members currently include:
  1. Jamison Burnside
  2. Mary Jennings
  3. Ben Levy
  4. Susan May
We have openings as always.

In addition to learning the pieces, we focus on group dynamics, sight reading (and reading in general), music theory related to the music, history, improvisation and more.

The cost of each class is $25 per person.

To find out more or RSVP for the class, visit my website here.

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