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Carbon Fiber Bows for Fiddle Players

The Fiddler's Bow - The Legacy
  • Higher balance point than standard violin bow
  • Weighted for better lift
  • Slightly heavier tip for speed
  • Aerodynamic
  • Hand-carved frog
  • Abalone shell
  • Triple-drawn, visually sorted horse tail hair
Price: $299

If you listened to my podcast about the history of this bow (Saturday 7/21/18), you will know that I researched this bow by talking with archetiers and bow makers all over North America as well as at the trade show Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany; and Shanghai, China.  At the last one, I met a bow maker in Tianjin, who assured me he was willing to work with my template (and design ideas) to make "the perfect carbon fiber bow for fiddlers".  The original design was significantly different than the final Legacy you see pictured here, as there were literally hundreds of revisions since the original design.  I also had the bow manufactured and shipped out to dozens of fiddlers all over the world who posted their honest feedback on a forum for fiddle players.  I collected that feedback, collated it, and sent the best ideas back to Tianjin for revision.  The result is the bow you see pictured here.

Violin Bow 

  • Pernambuco stick
  • Bone tip plate
  • Ebony frog
  • Parisian eye
  • Superior bow hair from Emily's Violins

Price: $99

Viola Bow
  • Pernambuco stick
  • Bone tip plate
  • Ebony frog
  • Parisian eye
  • Superior bow hair from Emily's Violins
Price: $109

Cello Bow
  • Pernambuco stick
  • Bone tip plate
  • Ebony frog
  • Parisian eye
  • Superior bow hair from Emily's Violins
Price: $169

In 1999, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Adam Sweet traveled to Anping China to the Bow Hair facility that processes tail hair for Emily's Violins.  Below are some pictures.  If you would like to purchase bow hair from Emily, fill out the contact form on the sidebar.

Anping, China

Horse Tail Processing Facility
Tails in Bags Waiting to be processed
Basins for cleaning the tails
Drying the cleaned tails

Using Hackles to Straighten the hair
Sorting processed tail hair

Packing in boxes
Tail bundles to be drawn

Drawing (see the "barrel" of hair mentioned in the podcast?)

Drawn bundles


Trimming ends
Triple drawn bundle to be sorted visually
Visually sorting

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Blues Mandolin - Part Four - "Practicing The Blues Scale"

The Blues scale consists of 6 different notes.  They are the 5 notes of the minor pentatonic scale, plus one additional note.  The note added is the diminished 5th (o5) measured from the scale tonic.

For example :
adding to the C minor pent. scale : C - Eb - F - G - Bb - Cthe diminished 5th - Gbproduces the C Blues scale : C - Eb - F - Gb - G - Bb - C In relation to the Major scale the notes of the Blues scale are : 1 - b3 - 4 - b5 - 5 - b7 - 1.  The b3, b5 and b7 notes of the scale (for C Blues scale : Eb, Gb and Bb) are the so called blue notes of the scale.

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I've Developed Perfectly Logical Modal Associations. Listen!
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Now the way to remember the notes in a mode is that the interval between the half steps on the white keys on the piano are the same: B>C; E>F first, and second, which note the mode starts on.  If you remember those two things, you have all the intervals of the modes!

C = Ionian (C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C)
D = Dorian (D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D)
E = Phrygian (E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E)
F = Lydian (F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F)
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Another way to remember the modes is to use all white notes, m…

Weber / Flatiron Mandolin For Sale

One of my students is looking to sell their Weber / Flatiron Mandolin.

Here is the description:
“Bruce Weber Signed 1994 Flatiron A5 Jr Price  $1100
Very fine sounding mandolin with great volume and good tone. An adjustable truss rod has replaced the original non-adjustable truss rod. It has just been fret dressed, fitted with a Brekke bridge, and set-up properly by our local luthier who has 35 years experience. A Cumberland pick guard has been added. The strap and arm rest in the photo are included as well as a HSC. Has J74's on it. If you are not familiar with Flatiron mandolins see Brad Laird's blog at: It is in excellent condition with the normal wear expected from a well taken care of 24 year old mandolin. There is however about a quarter sized spot of pick rash under the pick guard where it can not be seen.”
Contact Info:
Tim Logan 480-695-2436 15 Town Farm Road Shutesbury