This is my Schedule of Availability (July 2018).  If you see a slot marked OPEN, and it meets your schedule, contact me to reserve it.  We're entering the summer season (June - August), where there is a greater degree of flexibility.  The schedule starts to fill up again in late August FYI.

11-12pm OPEN
5-6 OPEN
6-7 OPEN
7-9 Beginner's Mandolin Group

11-12pm OPEN
5-6 April
6-7 Will/Keith
7-9 Advanced Mandolin Group

11-12pm Mike
5-6 Karen
6-7 Al
7-8 Lin (alt weeks)
8-9 OPEN

11-12pm OPEN
5-6 Tim
6-7 Wes
7-9 Celtic Folk Group

11-12pm OPEN
5-6 Nancy
6-7 OPEN
7-8 OPEN
8-9 OPEN

About The Sweet Music Studio

The Sweet Music Studio provides private and group music lessons on mandolin-family instruments and violin family instruments.   Swee...