Saturday, August 4, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Today's blog post will cover the most frequently asked questions about me, my studio. the products and services, and anything else I can think of:

1.  Question: What is your private lesson schedule, can I register for X day at X time?
Answer: follow this link for the current schedule.  If there's an opening in the time you desire, then email or text your information with a request for that time slot and I'll hold it for you.

2.  Question: Are there openings in the Celtic music class on Thursdays for X instrument?
Answer: yes!  I love the mixture of instruments and vocals.  Please RSVP by filling out the contact form on the sidebar if you plan on attending the next class.

3.  Question: How much are lessons and is there a fee or security deposit?
Answer: There is no fee or security deposit.  Lessons are $35 for 30 minutes, $55 for 45 minutes, $65 for 60 minutes.  Students pay me every 4 lessons.  There's a 10% discount if students pay 48 lessons in advance.

4.  Question: How much are the groups and is there a fee or security deposit?
Answer: there is no fee or deposit for the groups.  Students pay $15 per class.  If students are also taking private lessons, they should include the group fee with the monthly payment.  The 10% discount also applies to group classes.

6.  Question: Do you have instruments for rent?  How much is it and how does it work?
Answer: I have violins and mandolins for rent.  The fee is $30 a month plus a security deposit which is 100% refundable if the instrument is returned in original condition.

7.  Question: Do you sell the rental instruments?  How much is it?
Answer: Students that pay for a year's rental may apply 50% of the rent paid to the purchase of the instrument.

8.  Question: Do you have bows for sale?
Answer: I have wooden bows for violin, viola and cello.  I have carbon fiber bows for violin.  Click here for bow information

9.  Question: Do you have instruments for sale?
Answer: I am a dealer for Mando Mo Strings, Montana Lutherie products, Breedlove/Two Old Hippies, International Violins and other companies.  Mando Mo Strings offers a variety of fretted instruments.  Follow this link to learn more.  Montana Lutherie currently only offers The Ranger.  Here's a blog post I did on it recently.  Breedlove/Two Old Hippies recently moved to China and have a new distribution system and new pricing.  I'll post an article about that soon.  I stock Palatino violin outfits from International Violins.

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