Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Star Above The Garter - Origins of the Title and Music

By Eddie 
The title of this slide, “Star Above the Garter,” seems to be something of which no true gentleman would speak, especially in mixed company.  However, that view is more the result of said gentleman’s own salacious thoughts, than of anything factual about the name of this tune. This is because, first, there is a public house in Manchester, England called “The Star and Garter” which has a room upstairs for music. The building was built in 1803, not far from its current location.  When Manchester-Piccadilly station was expanded in 1849, the Star and Garter was moved, brick by brick, to its current site on Fairfield Street behind the railway station and reopened in 1877.  Built as a hotel that brewed its own beer, it has since been transformed into a pub and club venue.  Second, the name “Star and Garter” is an abbreviation of the insignia belonging to The Most Noble Order of the Garter, founded in 1348 by Edward, Prince of Wales. The tune seems to be of more recent origin, however.

Following a comment on the, there also may be a relationship to British Order of Chivalry (Orders of the Garter, Star, and St. Patrick).

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