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A Guide to Mandolin Care for Fall and Winter

Your mandolin is made mostly of wood and before it was used to create your prized and beautiful musical instrument, its main purpose was to soak up moisture, nutrients and sunlight. Yes, that’s right. Your favorite instrument was once a living tree!  It is no surprise then, that as the cooler seasons approach, your precious instrument is subject to structural change and even damage due to moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, It is vital that you know how to care for your musical instrument during these transitional seasons. The following are a few tips for caring for your mandolin during the Fall and Winter months. 
Check the Humidity Level 
Low humidity levels can cause your mandolin to warp and crack, and this is something that often occurs in the colder months – as humidity levels drop and the mercury dives with the falling temperatures. Even if your mandolin is not exposed to the cold directly, the external dry weath…

The New Sweet Music Community on Google+

Hello and welcome to the Sweet Music community on Google+ 
This is a community of musicians and people that want to learn about a specific musical style (we specialize in Bluegrass, Celtic and Klezmer), or learn a stringed instrument (we specialize in violin/fiddle, mandolin, mandola - also teach guitar, banjo and cello). 

For several years, I've maintained a website but it doesn't make sense to do that any more as the way people search for music teachers has changed. Utilizing a page and a community on Google+ makes a lot more sense, as it's dynamic, engaging, and a platform where I can share information and stories in real time, instead of in a static, two-dimensional manner. 

I'll be using this community to post information about upcoming concerts and recitals, new books, strings, accessories and other things I have going. I'd like students to feel free to share anything or use this community to ask questions.