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The Fiddler's Bow - Carbon Fiber Bow For Fiddlers (so you don't have to choke up the stick) SALE!!!!!!!! REGULAR PRICE: $350, SALE PRICE $299 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

The Fiddler's Bow - Carbon Fiber Bow For Fiddlers (so you don't have to choke up the stick)  SALE!!!!!!!!  REGULAR PRICE: $350, SALE PRICE $299 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Visit the website for details, or contact us to reserve yours

Curt Mangan Mandolin Strings Sale!


Curt Mangan mandolin strings:

Regular Retail Price $11
Sale Price $9

Contact To Reserve Yours, Or Visit and go to the Specials page

Permits, inspections, painting, renovations, etc

It looks like we're not going to be ready by June, at least for jam sessions and concerts due to delays with inspections and permits.

We're pushing our GRANBY OPENING back to the first week in September, which will give us the summer to work out all the bugs in the system!

Thank you for your patience.

The Celtic Group Holyoke Rehab Center Concert

The Celtic Group will be performing a selection of traditional Celtic dances and singing songs at The Holyoke Rehabilitation Center this Sunday, May 10th, 2015.

Performing will be:

Mary JenningsJames GullbergBen LevyJoanna VaughnJaya ReddyAdam Sweet
The concert is NOT open to the public.

If you would like to find out more about the Celtic Group class, visit our website at  Thank you!

Holyoke Rehabilitation Center is a 164-bed skilled nursing facility nestled in a wooded area in the Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts.  Specializing in the sustained care and NeuroRehabilitation of individuals with acquired brain injuries, neurodegenerative syndromes and other neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

The unique treatment program addresses the specific rehabilitative needs of individuals with cognitive, behavioral, psychiatric, and functional issues that have proven difficult to treat in other settings.  Our Residents are best served thr…

Mandolin News

As Mandolin New England comes to life (our inaugural concert was 1/17/15 at the South Hadley Town Hall, another one on the way next week at the Arts Block in Greenfield), Sweet Music is slowly but surely becoming recognized as THE SOURCE for mandolins and mandolin-related events in western Mass.
People looking for The Mandolin Orchestra of South Hadley will find student-run events and concerts through the Sweet Music website, or through the Mandolin New England website.If there are mandolin players in western Mass. that would like to play in a group setting, they should contact Sweet Music to find out if they are eligible by calling 413-248-7668 or using the contact form on the website.If mandolin players would like to find out if they are eligible to join Mandolin New England, they should also contact Sweet Music, or Josh Bell at Verbatimdesign.comFor now, if you are not a student at Sweet Music, but you have performed in Mandolin Orchestra concerts in the past, please contact Sweet …

During the Transition

I am taking it slow in transitioning from my South Hadley location to the new store front in Granby. 

I've been in contact with various suppliers, getting catalogs and going over pricing.  I will be carrying a variety of violin and mandolin-related accessories and supplies including strings, picks, bows, shoulder rests, chin rests and other fittings, straps, cases and music stands.  In addition, I plan to stock the books and sheet music that I find most useful, and maybe a selection of other items that people ask for over time.

I'm in this for the long haul now.  Other music store owners I know are looking to retire, and I'm just beginning!  It's going to be an interesting time for sure.

I still have a lot of gear over at the South Hadley location.  Right now, there aren't any storage options at the new space, so I will probably store most of my big equipment in South Hadley and make arrangements for using it in the new space only as needed. 

I'm on the lookout …

We've moved! Sweet Music: Studio & Store is at a new location in Granby, MA

Come by and visit!

Visiting hours are from 4-5pm Monday - Friday, and from 12-3pm Saturday

Sweet Music: Studio & Store
185 West State St, Suite D
Granby, MA 01033
(413) 248-7668 phone

History of the Mandolin in America

History of the Mandolin in America
by Daniel Coolik
November 18, 1998

What is a mandolin? A mandolin is a stringed instrument that is a cousin of the lute dating back to Italy and the 1700s. There are many different kinds of body shapes, but the one that was played in Italy is the Neapolitan mandolin. It has a deep pear shaped body, an oval sound hole, and four pairs of strings (Bronze or Steel) tuned like a violin (Mandolin). The great violin maker Antonio Stradivari even made mandolinos, which is Italian for mandolin. He had designed half a dozen different body patterns for his mandolinos (Tyler 18). In the past five years there has been an increasing interest in the mandolin. Some people might say it is a first coming of an old time instrument. Actually, this is the instrument's second coming in this century (Herndon 1). The mandolin is on the country radio stations and was featured by the popular band R.E.M in a music video on MTV (Herndon 2). In a poll taken by Aco…