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AD200         Beginning of High Kingship at Tara, Meath.
377 - 405     Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King
432           St Patrick comes as a Christian Missionary.
795           Vikings attack the Irish Coast
852           Norse occupy Dublin and Waterford
900 - 908     Cormac MacCullenan, King of Cashel
940 - 1014    Reign of High King, Brian Boru, killed at Battle of Clontarf
1119 - 1156   Turlough Mor O Conor, High King
1134 - 1171   Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster
1166 - 1175   Rory O Conor, last native High King of Ireland
1170          Arrival of the Normans
1258          Gallowglasses ( mercenaries ) come to Ulster from Scotland
1366          Statutes of Kilkenny enacted to prevent Anglo-Normans from
              integrating with Irish by using the language, laws or customs
1376 - 1411   Art MacMurrough, King of Leinster
1460          Irish Parliamentary independance declared
1477 - 1513   Ireland ruled by Garret Mor Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare
1513 - 1534   Ireland ruled by Garret Oge Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare
1536          Anglo-Irish parliament acknowledges Henry 8th of England as
              King of Ireland. Suppression of Monasteries.
1569 - 1583   Revolt of the Fitzgeralds, Earls of Desmond
1588          Spanish Armada wrecked off Irish coast
1592          Trinity College Dublin founded
1594          Beginning of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, nine year war
              against the English
1598          Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone and Rory O Donnell, Earl of
              Tyrconnell, defeat the English at the battle of Yellow Ford
1602          Irish, reinforced by Spanish, defeated at Kinsale
1607          Flight of Irish Earls to Spain, led by O Neill and O Donnell
1608 - 1610   British colony founded in Ulster
1641          Rising, which begins in Ulster, spreads
1649 - 1651   Cromwellians devastate Ireland
1660          Restoration of Charles 2nd
1689          Seige of Derry
1689          James 2nd loses English throne to his nephew and son in law,
              William of Orange
1690          Having rallied a Jacobite Army in Ireland, James 2nd, deposed
              Stuart king, is defeated at the Battle of the Boyne by
              William of Orange
1691          11,000 "Wild Geese" soldiers sail for France
1692 - 1829   Exclusion of all Catholics from Parliament and professions
1695          Penal Laws enforced
1778          Irish Volunteers organise
1782          Independant Dublin Parliament
1791          Society of Irishmen founded
1798          Rising takes place
1800          Act of Union. Ireland loses its independant parliament
1829          Catholic Emancipation is inspired by Daniel O Connell
1842 - 1848   Young Ireland Movement
1845 - 1847   The Great Famine. Population falls from 8 million to 6 and a
              half million
1867          Fenian Uprising
1877 - 1891   Charles Parnell
1916          Easter Rising
1918 - 1921   Anglo Irish War
1920          Six counties in Ulster vote themselves out of Ireland

Copied from a handout given out at a meeting of the Irish Family History
Society in Liverpool.

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