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Improvisation secrets!

The best way to approach developing improvisational skills is to think of it in two equally (but inseparable) strategies. Pattern based, where the music thought, motif, phrase is already stated or created, and Theory based, where rule or better "convention" dictates what notes are fertile for generating music.

I suggest learning as many scales and arpeggios as you can. Learn them in your brain and fingers so that the notes within them can be tagged and identified at the speed of light. The next step is to take patterns you like, "steal" them from your favorite players, and "push the principle." Certainly transpose them to other keys, but why stop there? The next step is to vary them rhythmically, take notes out, add notes, throw in an altering chord, but apply sound music theory along the way.

Fast changing chords are both iconic and intimidating to the novice player, but even an intermediate one can learn some tricks to open up the song.

Tune Basics; Un…