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Mandolin Lessons - All Ages, All Styles

Private lessons:
One hour a week, 2 recitals a year, lots of playing opportunities throughout the year $260/month 
Group classes:
Ninety minutes a week, 2 recitals a year, lots of playing opportunities throughout the year $100/month
Mandolin Orchestra:
Third Fridays of every month 7:30-9pm FREE

South Hadley Mandolin Orchestra - 3rd Rehearsal

The Third Rehearsal of the South Hadley Mandolin Orchestra is scheduled for Friday, April 18th at 7:30pm

To find out more and become a member, visit the website: 

We are expecting between 9 and 15 players (15 have RSVP'd, but people always change their minds at the last minute), including six mandolins, two mandolas and a mandocello.

Our first loaner instrument has arrived!  This is a mandocello that will be available for anyone who wishes to play mandocello in the orchestra to use while at rehearsals and during the concert.  Made in Taiwan, it is surprisingly decent.  It has a nice tone and is relatively easy to play.

Letter From Springfield AFM Union President - Pay To Play Policy

Hello Adam, Thanks for your email. Playing engagements without any receiving any compensation is contrary to the principles of the AFM and the Locals. Absent a signed Agreement with any employer, venue, etc., we have no leverage, legal or otherwise, to require them to make certain guaranteed payments to musicians they may hire. Without a signed Agreement with the Local musicians must negotiate with employers, club owners, etc., for the wages they receive for playing an engagement at various venues. Members should not play below scale on any engagement. The Local scales/rates have been established by the members and are used as a guide to the minimum compensation members should receive on engagements within this Local jurisdiction. The scales are considered as being reasonable and are used as a minimum only. Members can charge any wages higher than the Local scales/rates. Attached is a copy of the AFM By Laws, Local 171 By Laws and Local Wage Scales. I don't expect you to read…

Why Do People Sing?

By Dr Joseph Jordania Melbourne Conservatorium of Music University of Melbourne
One of the most important new questions that this book tries to answer is why the most archaic parts of the human brain, which are only activated by the critical survival needs, are activated when humans sing or listen to music. is it possible that singing really had a function of survival for our distant ancestors?