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The Grascals Release "American Picker" Video

published by BMNN on Thu, 10/31/2013

Here it is, friends! It’s the companion video for The Grascals' song “American Pickers” which appears on When I Get My Pay (street date November, 19). Yep, those are our pals Mike Wolfe from the History Channel TV show American Pickers and superstar/all-around-good-guy Dierks Bentley making guest appearances. The Grascals commented, "We love those guys! Whatcha think???"

The Grascals recently announced the addition of fiddler Adam Haynes to the band. Adam has an impressive pedigree having played with some of the finest: Melvin Goins & Windy Mountain, The James King Band, David Parmley & Continental Divide, Dailey & Vincent, Larry Stephenson Band, and most recently Grasstowne. Adam is originally from Norwalk, OH but spent quite some time in Eastern Kentucky where his family has roots as deep as bluegrass. Adam currently makes his home in Portland, TN with his wife, Janette, and two…

Three Reasons Why I Don't Put Prices On My Website

by Adam R Sweet
October 30, 2013

Reason #1

Tire Kickers Love The Game

I sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist and through pages on Google+ and other social bookmarking sites.  I get dozens of inquiries from "tire kickers".  You can tell who they are instantly.  They always start out with "what's the model number" or "what are the other specs" or words to that effect.  They are not looking to purchase or to make a deal, they are often trolls or troglodytes interested more in the game of bargaining you down, or worse, making you feel bad about yourself, than actually doing anything worthwhile.

Reason #2

Tire Kickers Don't Buy Locally

Tire Kickers who are not trolls or troglodytes are not interested in buying locally.  They want you to do the research for them, then they'll bargain someone else down somewhere online "I saw it on Craigslist for $X and got the dude to go down to $x"

Reason #3

Tire Kickers Don't Have The Money In The End

If …

Promotion for the Independent Musician


In a market saturated with the music of aspiring musicians and already well established acts it can be difficult for new acts to gain exposure. This begs the question, how does an artist stand out and get heard over the masses of music uploaded to the web each day? This guide was written as a follow-up of sorts to our blog “treating your band as a business” and also ties in with our online marketing crash course. The article will be split into two sections: the first pertaining to more traditional “physical” promotion techniques and the second focused on marketing your music online to listeners around the globe.

The Demo CD

The demo CD (or tape if you remember the golden days of the cassette) has long been a staple of promotion for aspiring musicians. A demo of your music can be anything from rough DIY live recordings to a selection of two or three professional recordings of your best songs. Although sometimes a well-composed, well-performed song can shine th…

Newfoundland Dancing And Music from Fogo Island in the 1990s

A very lively video of an old fashioned Newfoundland kitchen party featuring Fogo Islands most well known accordion players, Harry Eveleigh, Pat Freake, Harvey Budgell. Which took place somewhere within the early 90's on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

Some of the tunes played (not in order)
- Off She Goes
- Cock Of The North
- Mussels In The Corner
- Boys Of The Bunkhouse
- I'se Da Bye

These clips were taken from "Fogo Island, my Island home" movie published and produced by Gerald Freake.

Making the most of your hours in the practice room:

by Christine Carter

One simple change that could drastically increase your productivity
When it comes to practicing, we often think in terms of time: How many hours are necessary to achieve optimal progress? While this is a valid concern, a more important question is how we can make each hour count. What is the most efficient way to work so that what is practiced today actually sticks tomorrow? There is nothing more frustrating than spending a day hard at work only to return the next day at the starting line. Unfortunately, our current practice model is setting us up for this daily disappointment.
Repetition, babies, and brain scans
Early on in our musical training, we are taught the importance of repetition. How often have we been told to “play each passage ten times perfectly before moving on”? The challenge with this well-intentioned advice is that it is not in line with the way our brains work. We are hardwired to pay attention to change, not repetition. This hardwiring can alrea…